Together_till the end in Mainz


On March 5th, Together_till the end will be performed at tanzmainz festival in Mainz, Germany. The performance is part of a Moving Futures evening within the festival. The work will be performed by Mitchell-lee van Rooij and Quentin Roger.


Residency at CND 


From March 14 through March 28, Arno Schuitemaker and his long-term collaborator Ellen Knops are artists-in-residence at Le CND in Pantin (Paris). They will do research for a new collaborative project that will premiere later this year. During the first week of the residency, Arno will also teach the daily training class for professional dancers.


Presentation at the Worlding the Brain conference


On March 19th, Arno will be in Amsterdam to give a presentation during the Art of Neuroscience panel at the Worlding the Brain conference. During his presentation, he will speak about how neuroscience was a source of inspiration to create WHILE WE STRIVE


Posted on 03/03/2016

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