Arno Schuitemaker


Workshop The Way You Sound Tonight
Amsterdam - October 1st, 2022

for (semi)professional dancers and performers

In attempt to grasp the inevitable passing of time, The Way You Sound Tonight aims to eternalize a moment. In the performance, five dancers move in one continuously transforming motion, driven by the pulsing rhythm of breath and heartbeat.

During the workshop, dancer Mark Christoph Klee and Arno Schuitemaker share the movement language that was developed for the performance: a combination of two basic movement principles that are intertwined and ongoingly transformed. You will learn how to transition from one movement to the next, and experience how to get a sense of duration and bodily awareness.

Next to the workshop, you can watch The Way You Sound Tonight on either September 30th or October 1st at De Sloot in Amsterdam. A combined ticket for the workshop and the performance is €25,00 for those under 30 and €30,00 for the rest. If you only want to attend the workshop the costs are €17,50 (incl. VAT).

Location: De Sloot, Amsterdam
Date: Saturday, October 1st, 2022
Time workshop: 14:00 until 19:00
Time performance: 21.00
Price workshop: €17,50
Price workshop + performance: €25,00 for those under 30 and €30,00 for the rest
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